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Your Fraser Island Car Hire Guide

If you want to get around Fraser Island you’re going to need a little more than the usual when it comes to a set of wheels. The largest sand island in the world also has the sandiest of roads, and that means the island is a no-go for your average sedan. Confused about Fraser Island car hire? We break down everything 4WD, sandy and salty.

Fraser Island’s roads are a little different

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Very different in fact. Apart from a few paved roads near the resorts, the rest of Fraser Island’s roads are sand. And with sandy roads comes a totally different driving experience, and arguably one that is way more fun than the usual. Normal cars are not permitted on the island due to their inability to grip sand and low clearance height. The only vehicles allowed on the island are 4WD which are designed to handle the rough, soft inland tracks and wet sand of the famous 75 Mile Beach, a stretch of highway unlike any other in the world. When looking for Fraser Island car hire, what you’re really searching for is the best 4WD hire operator.

Hazards to keep an eye out for

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Fraser Island is a wilderness, first and foremost, and that’s precisely why we love it so much. But with all that untamed, wild beauty comes a certain level of risk when it comes to getting around. Hazards such as deep potholes hidden by sand and tree roots can mean a bumpy unstable ride when using the inland tracks through more forested areas. The most important thing to be aware of on the coastal roads are the tides. The general rule of thumb is to avoid driving two hours either side of high tide, and longer if possible. Various factors can affect the tides so its best to err on the side of caution. Dingoes can seemingly come of nowhere. Drive slowly at all times to avoid any collisions, both animal and human, and avoid driving at night.

What are the rules?

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Exactly the same as the mainland! Stick to speed limits and never drink and drive. Fraser island car hire is just like hiring a car anywhere in Australia, all the usual rules apply.

Where do I find the best Fraser Island 4WD Hire?

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Right here! We’ve got your 4×4 Adventure covered. We make things easy by providing all the gear you will need for your 4×4 Adventure including an audio guide to help you make the most of the island. There’s plenty of optional equipment hire too so you can make your trip exactly what you want it to be. Come and see us in Noosa and we’ll get you set for an adventure of a lifetime over on the island!