Whale Watching, Blue Dolphin Tours Hervey Bay

Whale Watching in Hervey Bay 2019

Hervey Bay is a favourite playground for one of the ocean’s most majestic creatures. Humpback whales migrate from the chilly waters of the Antarctic up to the tropics every July, and make a stop at the calm waters of Hervey Bay during their epic journey to play, socialise and generally take a breather. Mothers also use the safety of the bay as a place to teach important skills to their calves, such as spy hopping and breaching. Part of the reason the waters of Hervey Bay are so calm is the protection that the land mass of K’gari provides, sheltering the bay from the worst of the weather that can be stirred up by winter storms further out to sea.

If you’re staying on K’gari between July and October during the annual migration, joining a whale watching tour either before or after your stay on the island is very easy and a once in a lifetime wildlife experience that will make your trip to this beautiful part of Australia even more memorable.

With all whale watching tours, the focus should always be on protecting the whales themselves and taking an eco-conscious approach that has a minimal impact on the environment.  Which is why we’ve selected only the very best eco-conscious tours on offer. Each tour is responsibly operated and offers an amazing opportunity to watch these beautiful animals thrive in their natural environment.


Freedom Whale Watch run tours from their stunning 58ft catamaran complete with 360 degree views of the ocean over three levels. All tours include transfers, morning and afternoon tea and a tasty buffet lunch.

Pacific Whale Foundation have over 30 years of humpback whale research under their belt, so any questions you have about the whales and their behaviour will be answered by a true expert. Tours depart daily and include onboard marine biologists along with expert commentary from marine scientists.

Blue Dolphin Marine tours take a maximum of just 24 passengers and have a hydrophone on board so you can listen to these beautiful creatures singing to each other under the waves. While their in water platform makes for a totally immersive whale experience.

So if you’re heading to K’gari this winter, don’t miss the chance to watch one of Hervey’s bay’s most iconic visitors while you’re here. Book your tour today!