Sunrise on Fraser Island

Top 5 Reasons to Escape to K’gari in 2019

 As if you need any more reasons to come to K’gari? 

With New Year resolutions fresh in our mind, now is the time to start putting them into action. For many, vowing to slow down and take life at a slower pace, reconnect with ourselves and take a break from social media are popular choices. And who can argue with that? With so much natural wild beauty all around, the only stressful decision you’ll have to make when visiting K’gari is deciding when to leave. Here are just 5 reasons why everyone should put their 2019 New Year resolutions into play on K’gari.

Escape the world and explore nature in an untouched wilderness

K’gari is an island home to many species of unique Australian wildlife and plants and much of the interior is covered with beautiful rainforests, the only place in the world where a rainforest has been found growing in sand. Given the minimal development on the island, and its heritage listed protection, some 350 species of birds along with around 50 species of mammal and countless reptiles thrive here. Pack your binoculars and keep your eyes peeled for the wild inhabitants of the island.

Go wild swimming

K’gari has more than 100 freshwater lakes suitable for swimming and a number of perched dune lakes to take a dip in. Rainwater fills the dune lakes and swimming in the clear, clean water is one of the most unique wild swimming experiences you can have. The largest perched lake in the world, Boomanjin Lake, with its tea coloured water is another excellent place for a swim. A place perfect for kids is Champagne Pools, a series of shallow and sheltered rock pools packed with colourful tropical fish. You could spend days swimming your way around the island – just be sure to pack your swimmers.

Take a digital detox

Given its remote location and minimal development, there are only a few places on the island with a reliable internet connection. But that’s no bad thing. For those seeking true rest and relaxation, switching off from social media and the constant ‘ding’ of emails is a core requirement. Give yourself just a few hours away from the pull of your phone and you’ll soon be immersing yourself in the beauty of the island, rather than the glow of your screen. The benefits, both mentally and physically, are endless.

Spend quality time with your loved ones

K’gari is a place to unwind, connect with nature and explore its wild heart with people you love. The slower pace of life and little connection with the noise of the outside world means time spent here with family and friends is quality time. Less distractions means more conversations, more adventures to be shared and stories told around the campfire. Perfect for kids of all ages, there is so much to explore here from wild forests to wind swept beaches, you will want to share it all.

Get healthy and take a hike

There are many trails here from inland forest hikes, perfect for spotting wildlife, to wild coastal paths with spectacular views out to sea. Stroll past gleaming lakes, soaring sand dunes and under the shade of ancient trees. There are trails suitable for all abilities. A double hitter in terms of keeping fit and getting to see all the wonders of the island at the same time, hiking is rightfully one of the most popular activities on K’gari.


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