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The Wonders of Lake Wabby

Just a 5 minute drive away from The Beach Camp Retreat is one of K’gari’s top natural wonders. Lake Wabby is the island’s deepest lake and a striking sight, with deep green iridescent waters and bright white sand dunes surrounding its shores. Unlike most lakes on K’gari, which have more acidic waters, Wabby is home to many different species of fish including the rare honey blue-eye fish. Catfish and rainbow fish have also been seen here and watching them dart past while swimming in the lake is just one of the magical experiences on offer at the lake.

Soft sands and clear waters means Lake Wabby is the perfect spot to while away the day. Head out early and take the easy 30-45 minute bush walk from the 75 mile Beach parking lot through the lush forests that surround the lake, and you’re likely to arrive before anyone else. Arriving before the heat of the day sets in is a magical experience. Watch the mist rise off the green waters and keep your eyes peeled for local wildlife including dingoes. The fewer people there are the better your chances will be of seeing these famous K’gari residents.

It’s a great day out for families with plenty to keep the kids happy. Cool off with a swim or hang out at the dunes throwing a boomerang, or just relax on the soft sand playing a beach game or two. For something a bit more energetic why not borrow a boogie board or two and skim over the water watching out for fish in the waters below. There are plenty of places to find shade for lunchtime picnics, and toilets are on site.

Guided walking trails around the lake take in the surrounding bush and provide a chance to spot more local critters and birds. A couple of lookout points are located around the lake including the aptly named Lake Wabby Lookout, which has stunning views over Dulingbara, the Hammerstone Sandblow and the lake itself. The sandblow is slowly engulfing the lake and it’s predicted to complete swallow it up within the next century, so Wabby may not even exist in a 100 years time. A sad thought.

This is a pristine environment perfect for nature lovers, families and anyone who wants to cool off in the most spectacular of surroundings. As with all lakes on the island, swimming while wearing freshly applied sunscreen and bug spray isn’t allowed so make sure you’re showered before you dive in and help keep the waters clean and natural.

Lake Wabby is yet another K’gari gem on your doorstep. Spend the day on its shores and take home more happy memories from this unique island paradise.