Fraser Island 118

How to Prepare for your self-catering stay at BCR

Cooking out in the bush is great fun for kids and adults alike, and the nightly cook out quickly becomes a highlight of any day at camp. We have everything you need to prepare tasty meals with two fully equipped kitchens and BBQs. But if you’re planning on eating well while you’re here, it pays (literally!) to come prepared. The camp has all the cooking equipment you’ll need but you should bring your own food, and we highly recommend stocking up before you hit K’gari. There is a local grocery store here but, as you’d expect from an island popular with travellers, it’s very expensive. Don’t be caught out while you’re here, make a comprehensive list of food to cover breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between. Our on site wood fired pizza oven is becoming something of a legend here at camp – we provide the pizza bases, cheese and tomato sauce and you just have to bring your own toppings. Likewise with any drinks you’ll need during your stay. Don’t scrimp on the amount of beers you bring, always take a few more than you think you’ll need. The same goes for juices for the kids.

But it’s not just food that you’ll need to consider. One of the reasons travellers come to K’gari is to get away from it all, but blissful isolation does also mean you’ll be far from the conveniences of town. When it comes to clothing and equipment for the beach, a couple of sets of swimmers are obviously a must, along with beach towels, sun hats and frisbees or any other beach game you fancy. It’s forgetting these kinds of things that can prove pretty frustrating when you can’t just pop over to a local shop. In terms of home comforts, we’ve got you covered when it comes to bed linen and towels.

Finally, we highly recommend hauling all that food and equipment over to camp in a 4WD vehicle. You really can’t explore without one. Not sure which hire company to use? Talk to our friendly staff about our 4WD hire/accommodation packages who can hook you up with one of our very own fleet of automatic Toyota Landcruiser 4WD vehicles from our office in Noosa.

So start making your lists, don’t forget your toothbrush and get set for the adventure of a lifetime on K’gari.