Champagne Pools Fraser Island

Fraser Island’s Champagne Pools

Fraser Island is known for its unique ecosystems and awe inspiring scenery. Not only the largest sand island in the world, it is also blessed with diverse environments from sand dunes to rainforest and wallum forest, fresh water lakes and creeks to thriving marine ecosystems. But perhaps one of the most unique places on the island has to be Fraser Island’s champagne pools.

We’re not talking actual champagne here, but the Fraser Island champagne pools are arguably even better than the real thing.

Where are the Fraser Island champagne pools?

Fraser Island Beachcamp Champagne Pools

Just a few steps north of Indian Head is where you’ll find these naturally formed volcanic rock pools. Each one is large and deep and harbours a stunning diversity of marine life such as starfish, fish, crabs and marine plants. They are much bigger than your average rock pool so it’s easy to swim in each one, explore with a mask and catch a glimpse of their mini underwater worlds as you hop from pool to pool. The Fraser Island champagne pools get their bubbly moniker from the bubbles of white foam that form after each wave crashes into them. The force of the waves create the bubbles and a natural, salt water jacuzzi is the result.

A visit is included on most tours of the island

Champagne Pools Fraser Island

They are the perfect stop on any tour of the island and a great place to chill out for a few hours. You’ll need a decent pair of hiking sandals or boots to reach them, plus a pair of reef shoes to avoid any painful cuts from the jagged rocks that are found in the vicinity of the pools.

The Fraser Island champagne pools are yet another natural wonder that makes Fraser Island so special, and there is no better feeling than letting the waves bubble away all your stresses and anxieties. They are also one of the top free things to do on Fraser Island!