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Fraser Island accommodation with a unique appeal

The beautiful state of Queensland has arguably the very best of Australia. The wonder that is the Great Barrier Reef lies just off Cairns in the north as do the stunning Whitsunday Islands, world famous for hosting the beach voted best in the world on more than one occasion. But when it comes to Queensland’s hidden gem, Fraser Island is the place to come, and our Fraser Island accommodation is more than just a place to hit the sack.

Not much of a camper? We have the best alternative

Fraser Island Glamping Accommodation 18

Stay with us here at Beachcamp and escape into nature, with all the creature comforts of home. Where camping can be cramped, drafty and a whole load of hassle, our unique Fraser Island accommodation is spacious, comfortable and hassle free. You still get all the best aspects of camping but without all those niggling discomforts. Wake up to the sounds of nature coming awake from the comfort of a full size bed rather than a cramped sleeping bag on the floor. Queensland’s location also means mild weather year round, even in winter the temperatures remain very comfortable so the chance of a freezing night under canvas is very slim indeed. Fraser Island accommodation doesn’t come much more comfy that this.

It’s a much more sustainable way to stay

Relaxing after hiking The Beerillbee Trail on the fraser island great walk
Campfire after hiking The Beerillbee Trail on the fraser island great walk

We pride ourselves on our carbon neutral practices and our whole philosophy is based on low impact, sustainable ways of spending time in a place. With no energy hungry air conditioning, daily cleaning services which use way too many harsh chemicals and everything else that goes along with a large resort hotel, the impact we make on the environment is very low. Plus being able to cook your own, locally sourced food over an open fire is both liberating and great fun. The location of our unique Fraser Island accommodation can’t be beaten – a 75 mile long tropical beach on your doorstep.

Give your mind a rest


Staying with us, or anywhere that allows you to get off the beaten track and away from modern life, is excellent for your mental health. The simplicity of life lived away from internet connections and phone signals for a while gives your mind a chance to wander and recharge and move at a slower pace, which we all need sometimes. Simple pleasures such as wildlife spotting, beach walks and counting stars are all activities that help to calm and focus our minds. The Fraser Island accommodation at Beachcamp gives you the chance to do just that.

Lake McKenzie

Do you need any more reasons to visit? Of course you don’t. The best Fraser Island glamping is right here with us at Beachcamp!