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Fraser Family Fun

K’gari, aka Fraser Island, is renowned as one of the most attractive and sought destinations; listed as a World Heritage in Australia. This is unsurprising due to what it has to offer, including the incredible supply of freshwater lakes. Fraser Island definitely caters well for its countless nomads, wanderers and families with beautiful locations, water spots for taking a dip and awesome accommodation options. Have a read of some of the favourite visits of our island home.

The Wonders of Wabby

A particular popular attraction on K’gari that never fails to impress visitors is Lake Wabby. It has many wonders and is recognised as both a window lake and a barrage lake. More notably, it’s the deepest lake on the island. Nestled in nature; admire the surrounding forest and Hammerstone Sandblow. Be sure to check out the unique Wabby, as it is predicted it may be engulfed by the advancing sand dune in a century or so.

Conservation at its Finest

If you’re a fan of greenhouses then you won’t be disappointed. Central Station is Fraser’s largest, momentous greenhouse, which displays the island’s copious flora and fauna and how it has advanced over the years.

In the past and due to its position in relation to the gigantic Satinays and Kauri Pines, Central Station was the hub of logging production. Keep yours eyes peeled and you’ll notice amongst the younger forest the occasional extremely large tree that escaped logging during this period.

Eli Creek

Eli Creek is the island’s biggest creek, providing an estimated four million litres of fresh, clean water by the hour. You’ll also want to make a splash while you’re there, as it’s the perfect place for swimming and floating.

Magnificent McKenzie

Lake McKenzie is world famous and one of K’gari’s incredible perched lakes. McKenzie is particularly special, due to its captivating, clear, glistening blue waters and white sands, so it’s unsurprising that it attracts many visitors and sun worshippers.

Blissful Birrabeen

If you’re in search of a less crowded alternative to Lake McKenzie, where you can have five minutes peace, and watch the kids play then Lake Birrabeen is your best bet. Take a dip, relax, and appreciate the mesmerising beauty of Birrabeen.

Champagne Pools

The name is definitely pertinent, often referred to as Fraser Island’s “natural Jacuzzi”. With the ocean crashing over the rocks into shallow sandy pools, the pools provide a very popular swimming hole. However with the changing currents and sharp-edged rocks we encourage guests to be vigilant and remain safe.

The 75 Mile Stretch

There isn’t much that K’gari doesn’t offer, so it’s only fitting that it is home to a ‘75 Mile Beach’! Ranked as the 6th best attraction by Trip Advisor, it’s definitely worth a visit and also pretty unavoidable! Options of self-drive or 4WD tours allow you to take in the striking scenery and seek out the diverse, roaming wildlife both in and out of the sea!

The SS Maheno

In the past, the rapid waters off Fraser Island have claimed many ships. Between 1856 and 1935, a total of twenty-three ships were affected. The SS Maheno is especially significant, as it is now a renowned landmark attraction on the island, and during working form one of the earliest turbine-driven steamers.

In summary K’gari has a lot to give, from its breath-taking beaches, to its impressive monuments; there is something for everyone to enjoy. Explore this dreamy paradise with your own (or hired) 4wd from the comforts of our Beachcamp Retreat glamping accommodation. Or indeed if you are looking for a tour experience our sister company Dropbear Adventures will gladly take you on a unique adventure of our fascinating home.