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Exploring K’gari on your 2019 Family Holiday

The annual Easter break is right around the corner, and now is the time when slightly panicked parents desperately look for the right place to spend the sacred annual family holiday. And choosing the right place can be a tall order. Australia offers up a veritable smorgasbord of options, but on K’gari you’ll find an island that boasts so many awesome activities for adults and kids alike, along with jaw dropping natural wonders, you won’t miss the mainland one bit.

One place guaranteed to delight everyone is Eli Creek. With crystal clear waters and pearly white sand, the biggest creek on K’gari drains a whopping 4 million litres of water into the ocean each hour. It’s the perfect picnic and swimming spot with a well maintained boardwalk which passes along the creek inland through beautiful forest. A popular activity is to swim or simply float along the fast flowing waters of the creek from the bridge at the far end of the boardwalk. A top choice to while away the day.

Hiring a 4WD is essential if you want to explore the island independently, and given you’ll be driving on beaches for a good deal of the time, it definitely pays to plan your adventure around the tides. Many folks have come a cropper underestimating just how much that salt water will mess with your vehicle. So plan your itinerary around the tides and check with our friendly staff when its safe to be driving along the coast. Driving Seventy-five Mile Beach is a once in a lifetime experience not to be missed and the kids will love it!

Another family friendly spot is the unique natural wonder of Champagne Pools. Ok, they may not be full of actual champagne, but these beautiful little rock pools create your very own collection of sandy swimming holes right on the edge of the ocean, with stunning views all around. Each time a wave hits, the pools fill up with water and the force of the wave creates a lovely jacuzzi like effect. Kids and adults alike love cooling off here, just be on the look out for any larger waves, especially with small children. It’s always a more serene experience at low tide when the waves are smaller. This is a beautiful natural “spa” not to be missed.

Sounds like K’gari fits your bill? Give our friendly team a call and we can help you plan your once in a lifetime adventure, from accommodation to 4WD hire and all inclusive packages, we’re here to help.