K’gari; also known as Fraser Island or The Great Sandy Island, is a very special island located just off the east coast of Queensland. Arguably one of Australia’s most famous islands but more commonly known for being the world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island is a bucket-list destination.

Her beauty and primitive nature will charm the pants off you, and if you’ve been here just once you will know you always want to come back. Her curvaceous landscapes will have you seduced into serenity, her calming nature will have you relaxing on her pure white silica beaches, and her rejuvenating freshwater lakes will see you swimming until your fingers are well and truly pruned.

You can feel her peaceful energy when you walk along the beach or take a wander through her cool rainforests. With every step of your journey, K’gari – Fraser Island will show you just how special she is.

With each destination holding its own uniqueness and with its own story to tell, K’gari – Fraser Island is a spirit you will not soon forget. Our love for K’gari has guided us into creating an accommodation facility like no other, a place for the all the family to enjoy.



Definitely Fraser Island’s most famous and beautiful lake; the crystal clear waters forever reflecting the gorgeous colours of the sky with pure white silica sand lining the waters edge. Lake Boorangoora was a sacred place for the Indigenous people. They reserved the 5-meter-deep lake for drinking water only and never swam in to preserve the water quality. Today more than 500,000 people swim in her waters every year.

Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island
Maheno Shipwreck on Fraser Island


The Maheno shipwreck is very famous. She was laid to rest on Fraser Island’s shoreline in 1935 when she was caught in an off-season cyclone. With a rich tapestry of stories to tell from its glory days as a luxury cruise liner to being used as target practice for the air force in WW2, this wreck is one of Fraser Island’s most iconic sites. The years of battling the harsh elements are starting to take their toll on this old wreck though and most believe there wont be very much left to see in 10 years.


The largest lake on the island, in fact it’s the largest perched lake in the world! Impressive huh… wait until you see it! Its like swimming in a big cup of tea and your skin will feel amazing afterwards. With white silica beaches and the beautiful deep red water, Lake Boomanjin is one of the most picturesque lakes on the island.

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Lake Birrabeen is an absolute favorite of ours. Exactly the same as Lake McKenzie except with a large white silica beach and far fewer tourists, she’s definitely the local’s secret. Located on the Southern Lakes Drive she is in the heart of a cluster of lakes each very different but equally as beautiful.


This place was designed for fun! Eli Creek has got to be the best natural playground and is a great place for all the family. A continuous flow of purified water bursting from K’gari’s water table forms the ever-flowing Eli Creek. It’s freezing cold… but on a hot summers day the cool waters of Eli Creek are so inviting. Gently float down the creek to the ocean’s edge, let the kids play on the blow up thong and soak up the sun.

Eli Creek on Fraser Island
Champagne Pools Fraser Island


These breathtaking natural rock pools are a great place to take the kids for a day out. Sheltered from the waves with an abundance of tropical fish trapped by the ocean’s tides, you can enjoy K’gari’s bubbling jacuzzi with every wave foaming over the rocks.


A sacred place for indigenous women to gather and share stories, these ancient sand structures are made of coloured sands swept here all the way from the sandstones of inland Australia. They form a breathtaking natural structure and an amazing example of the creative powers of nature.

Coloured Sands on Fraser Island
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This lake is a common favorite amongst most, extremely unique and the deepest lake on the island, its definitely worth the 45 minute trek off the beach and into the bush. Her emerald green waters and golden rolling sand dunes will welcome you as you emerge from the bush to find the stunning lake.


Named Indian Head by Captain Cook in 1770, this spectacular headland is a great place to sight manta rays, sharks, turtles and whales when they are in season. The 360-degree viewing point also gives you a good perspective of just how big Fraser Island really is.

Indian Head Fraser Island
Turtle Lake Allom Fraser Island


An amazing tannin-infused lake that is home to a unique species of turtle on Fraser Island. Get up close and personal with these fearless turtles but whatever you do please don’t feed them! Hidden in a forest of hoop pines and melaleuca trees this lake is truly one of K’gari’s hidden wonders.


Central Station Rainforest is at the heart of the island, a sacred place where the aboriginal women would come to give birth, a far more romantic history than the one that sadly prevailed. Central Station was the home of the logger’s camp. Valley of the Giants is also worth an explore if you are a keen hiker.

Rainforest Fraser Island
Fraser Island


Fraser’s famous 75-Mile Beach is exactly that. 75 miles of stunning coastline from Hook Point to Indian Head. But if 75 miles just isn’t enough you can always venture up to the very tip of the island to Sandy Cape and the Lighthouse.


The West Coast of Fraser Island can be very dangerous and it is only recommended for experiences 4W drivers. Home to pristine white beaches and turquoise ocean it is a must see if you have been to the island a few times but be warned of the Irankanji.

Fraser Island Camping Bg 012
Fraser Island walks


Wangoolba Creek is not only a barge landing on the western side of the island but it is also a sacred creek that runs from the heart of the island at Central Station to the west coast. You can take a beautiful walk along the board walk and take a picnic into this magical rainforest.


K’gari is covered with sandblows that make all sorts of amazing patterns as they engulf the forests. The best way to see them is either from one of the many lookouts or on a scenic flight. You can’t access many by foot, but those that you can are worth the walk, especially at sunset.

Coloured Sands on Fraser Island