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Essential tips for planning a trip to K’gari in peak season

One of the biggest draws for visitors to K’gari is its remote wildness and the feeling that once you step onto its shores, the “real world” is a distant memory. Getting away from it all is, after all, what holidays are all about. Escaping into another life for a few days or weeks.

While it’s true that the island itself never fails to disappoint, it’s worth remembering that self-catering is the name of the game here. Over the years we’ve identified some of the most common mistakes visitors make, all of which are easy to avoid with a little forward planning.

Here are Essential Tips for Planning a Trip to K’gari in Peak Season

Camp before you glamp!

If you’re planning on camping as well as glamping with us here at Beachcamp, our advice is, camp first! Although camping on K’gari is a fantastic experience (nothing beats a night out under the stars) it can also be uncomfortable, awkward and just generally a bit more hard work than the luxurious amenities on offer at Beachcamp. Camping at the start of your trip means really appreciating how comfortable glamping is compared to the rawness of camping in the wild. It’s definitely easier to go from a few less than luxurious nights under canvas to comfy beds and an ensuite toilet.

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You can drink the water on K’gari

Yes, you can! In fact the water on the island is some of the purest in the world and completely free of common polluters like microplastics, chlorine and other nasties. We are proud of our plentiful and pristine water supply. Bring your own reusable bottle and leave the single use plastic bottles at home. How often do you get to taste water completely untouched by humans? It’s sadly a rare occurrence these days. Drink up while you’re here.

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Eat fresh food first

Another priceless piece of advice is to bring enough food from the mainland to last your trip (and a few days longer) and eat any fresh fruit, veggies and salads first. Not only will fresh produce taste a whole lot better during the first couple of days but saving less perishable foods like pizzas and pasta means you’ll always have something to eat. The Beachcamp kitchen is equipped with two fridge freezers to keep frozen and chilled foods from defrosting until you need them, and our wood fired pizza oven is just waiting for your homemade pizzas. 

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Buy food on the mainland and always buy more than you think you’ll need

Underestimating just how much food to bring along can end up being not only irritating, but also costly. There are no supermarkets on the island and only a handful of expensive stores which only stock the essentials. Days spent hiking, swimming and exploring equal hungry tums so always overestimate rather than underestimate the amount of food you’ll need. 


High factor sunscreen and aftersun is a must

The sight of singed shoulders and red noses on K’gari is not uncommon. So many visitors end up with sunburn but it can be easily avoided with the right sun protection. The Aussie sun is fierce year round so no matter the time of year, always bring a very high factor (SPF50+) sunscreen with you, along with aftersun just in case you do end up getting burnt.

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Buy a Telstra SIM or prepare to be out of contact 

Reception on K’gari is patchy at best and Telstra is the only network you’ll find on the island. If you really need phone reception while you’re here, invest in a Telstra SIM before you arrive. Otherwise prepare to be uncontactable for most of the time, which is something you might actively want to do if truly escaping from the world is what you’re after. K’gari is the perfect place to do just that.