Rainbow Beach

Awesome things to do in Rainbow Beach

Travel along the east coast and you’ll soon find yourself at the idyllic town of Rainbow Beach. This little slice of paradise is well worth a few days of your time, to chill out and enjoy some of the awesome things to do in Rainbow Beach.

Rainbow Beach is so named for its multi-colourful, mineral-rich sands which can be found in the cliffs that surround the area. It’s a low key, relaxed spot and far less brash than many other beach towns along this part of the coast.

Rainbow Beach

There is so much to do in Rainbow Beach that you’ll never be at risk of being bored. Everything is super easy to arrange and most activities are low impact environmentally speaking, and budget friendly. Here are just some of our favourites.

The best thing to do in Rainbow Beach? beach camp like a true Aussie

Camping Fraser Island 29

The Aussies know how to camp, and the Rainbow Beach area is a great place to experience this classic Australian pastime. Although you can’t actually camp on Rainbow beach itself there are plenty of places to camp beachside nearby such as the Inskip Peninsula and the Freshwater Camping area. You’ll need to secure permits before you arrive. Beach camping isn’t only a rite of passage when travelling around Australia, we reckon it’s the top thing to do in Rainbow Beach!

Kayak at Double Island Point with wild dolphins

Rainbow Beach Dolphins

One of the best things to do in Rainbow beach has to be getting up close and personal with wild dolphins. These puppies of the sea can be found frolicking here year round, but visit between June and October and you might also see whales too! Tours to Double Island Point run from a couple of outlets in town, and the 4WD adventure to get to Double Island Point is an awesome experience in itself.

Horse riding on the beach

Rainbow Beach Horse Riding

What could be better than watching the surf and taking in the colourful cliffs of Rainbow beach from horseback. The rides take place along a stretch of the beach shut off from vehicles meaning the ride will be serene, quiet and relaxing. Plus if you time it right you’ll get to watch the sunset over the waves.

Sounds pretty good, right? But when you’ve had your fill of wild dolphins and horse riding into the sunset, head north for an island experience like no other! Come and join us at our top rated Fraser Island accommodation on Fraser Island and tell us all about your Rainbow Beach adventures.