Fraser Island Glamping Accommodation

Armchair travelling – why glamping is the perfect balance of comfort and adventure

We may all be stuck inside at the moment missing our friends, family and freedom, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream about the journeys we’ll take when all of this is over, and a glamping trip could be just the ticket. 

Let your mind wander to paradise

Fraser Island Glamping Accommodation

Nothing ignites the traveller in all of us like being told we can’t travel. Which is why now is the perfect time to be an armchair traveller, to start planning trips to the places you’ve always dreamed of going to.

When it comes to Australia, the paradise island of Fraser Island is as popular as ever. The wide endless beaches where you’re likely to spot a dingo or three trotting along the sands to the crystal clear lakes, stunning hikes and more – Fraser Island is a unique paradise like no other. And the best part? You get to experience all that wild natural beauty up close without having to compromise on comfort. That is, if you glamp with us.

But isn’t it just a bigger version of a regular tent we hear you ask? Well, no. It’s much more than that. When you choose to glamp rather than camp you’re eschewing practically everything that makes camping just that little bit awkward.

It’s way different to camping

Fraser island glamping

Expect a proper bed (with a mattress, fresh sheets and soft pillows), hot showers, ensuite bathrooms and much more space and comfort than your average tent. It’s is a way of being as close to nature as you can be, without the discomforts of sleeping on the ground or being crammed into a tiny space. Our spacious, light and breezy tents are made from durable high quality materials that let light and air in and keep rain and wind out, while still making you feel like you’re part of the island’s magical environment.

Being just 100 metres from the beach the sound of the waves is ever present, and having canvas for walls means falling asleep to the sounds of the forest and the distant calls of howling dingoes (safely behind our dingo fence). The best thing about glamping is the best thing about camping; you get to sleep outside without actually being outside.

Fraser Island is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Australia, with wildlife and an ecosytem completely unique to its shores. Which is why we take our responsibility towards preserving it very seriously. Our electricity is supplied by solar power and we recycle all the waste we can, we also encourage guests to bring reusable bottles so they can enjoy some of the freshest water on the planet direct from the island itself.

Book now, travel later!


Fraser Island is the perfect escape, from your armchair, from this horrible lockdown and from life’s worries. And what better way to enjoy your future trip than by planning your visit to Beachcamp now. We really want to see you, which is why you can book now and pay later – no deposit required! Call our team today and make your adventure day dream a reality.